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Aphrodite is displeased with you, her cherub minions. She urges you both to go forth and pierce the hearts of as many folk as you can, bringing more love to the world and more worshippers to her altar...

Gameplay Instructions
Shoot people with cupids arrow to make them fall in love.
Use the direction arrow to make them come together.
Player 1
WASD to move
Q and E to rotate the camera
mouse scroll to zoom
Left click to shoot
1 for the Love arrow
2 for the direction arrow

Player 2
Left thumstick for movement
Left and right Triggers to rotate
Left and right shoulders buttons to zoom in and out
Bottom face button (A) to shoot

Left face button (X) for the Love arrow

Top face button (Y) for the direction arrow

Rajnesh Jindel
Jacqueline Fromme
Josh Grafton
Michail Isaakidis
Kieran Hogben


ErosMyth v0.2 - Current version 334 MB
ErosMyth v0.1 - Game Jam submission 333 MB

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